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  • I haven't received a reply email.
    Normally, when you send the inquiry form, we will send you an inquiry confirmation email (automatic delivery).If you do not receive the email, please double check the email address you registered when you placed your order to make sure there are no mistakes.● If you register free mail such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, it may be placed in the "Junk Mail Folder" or "Deleted Folder".● If you register mobile phone mail (docomo, au, softbank, etc.), please note that you may not receive it unless you allow the domain designation because each mobile phone company has strengthened the junk mail filter.Please be sure to add the domain specification permission because you will not receive it with "as it was when you bought it" and "default setting".The setting method of each company is as follows. Click here for docomo Click here for au Click here for softbank If you do not receive a reply, you may not receive a reply from us even if you contact us again with the same email address.We cannot confirm the situation that the customer has not received the e-mail, so please contact us with another e-mail address, correct the e-mail address, change the reception settings, and contact us again.
  • Can I contact you by phone?
    In order to prevent troubles such as misunderstandings, please refrain from making inquiries by phone and contact us using the inquiry form. Even if you call us, there are many cases where we only ask you to contact us by e-mail, so we ask for your cooperation as much as possible.
  • Do you get a reply?
    We are responding to inquiries from customers one by one, but due to congestion, we are currently [3 business hours excluding weekends, holidays, summer, and year-end and New Year holidays. Within a day]. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time, but please wait for a while. If you do not receive a reply from our shop within 4 business days, you will not receive the above [Reply email. 】Please confirm.
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